(VIDEO): 5 Important Eye Health Routines Everyone Should Practice

5 Important Eye Health Routines Everyone Should Practice

The human eye is very intricate, with several components that are sensitive to a wide range of stimuli that are present in daily life. It’s common for people to take their vision for granted until it starts to fail them, at which point it might be too late to recover the eye’s health. According to WebMD, annual eye exams can be very helpful in identifying eye issues and addressing them before they become too hazardous, but this is not the only approach to guarantee eye health. Check out these easy-to-do routines that can help preserve eye health and function while also promoting general eye health.

1. Protecting Your Eyes

Eye protection is important in a variety of circumstances, and those who experience eye or vision issues are guilty of doing so at particular times. When necessary, workplace eye safety is also of the utmost importance, and goggles or eyeglasses should always be worn. Sunglasses are the best defense against the sun’s UV-A and UV-B rays, which can harm the eyes after prolonged exposure. Even many eye physicians advise protecting the eyes when engaging in severe sports like basketball, hockey, and skiing.

2. Eating Well

Numerous foods are known to support good vision and eye sight well into old age. Foods high in vitamins C and E, like kale, spinach, and other green vegetables, can help prevent age-related vision impairments from arising later in life. As it keeps the retina healthy and the eye moist, omega-3 is another crucial nutrient that should be frequently ingested to guarantee that vision remains clear into old age. Healthy nutrition should be a priority for everyone because type 2 diabetes can possibly result in blindness. Additionally, smoking might be bad for your eyes and vision.

3. Break up with the screens

Digital eye strain, sometimes known as “computer vision syndrome,” is a real contemporary issue that affects those who spend hours each day using computers. Too much time spent staring at a computer screen can lead to muscle aches, eye pain, and tension in the muscles surrounding the eyes. The symptoms brought on by staring at a computer screen for a long time are uncomfortable, even though there is no concrete evidence that computer screens harm the eyes.

4. Never put on makeup to bed.

Many people who use eye makeup, particularly mascara, are not aware of the harm done by leaving it on or the fact that it can expire. Even more unpleasant and disruptive allergic reactions to the skin and eyes might result from using mascara while you sleep. A study found that overnight wear of eye makeup can cause dryness, infection, inflammation, and redness. When mascara is kept in the eyes for too long, it can even turn into a breeding site for bacteria. 

5. The Need for an Eye Doctor

As was previously noted, annual eye exams can be a crucial tool in preventing future eye and vision issues. This annual examination shouldn’t be restricted to a vision test; a thorough eye exam will examine your eyes’ overall health and is a vital annual procedure. The eye doctor will examine the eye for indications of illnesses or other anomalies that can result in impaired vision later in life while assessing if a patient requires glasses or contact lenses. 

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