(VIDEO): The Best Way To Store Unpeeled Onions To Prevent Fast Decay

The Best Way To Store Unpeeled Onions To Prevent Fast Decay

A lot of people consume onions on a daily basis because of their spicy and health benefits, but they often find out that the unpeeled onions they have in their kitchen decay much faster than they expect. Foods decay overtime due to the action of some microorganisms that feast on them when they are exposed to moisture to break them down, which results in decay, and one such food item that undergoes fast decay when not properly stored to have it preserved is unpeeled onions.

According to Healthline, the best way to store unpeeled onions to prevent fast decay is briefly discussed in the following paragraphs.

When you buy fresh unpeeled onions, the best way to have them well preserved is to store them in a room that is properly ventilated, dried, and cooled. In other words, the room can be made available either in a basement, garage, or any other secured place, but should be at a normal temperature and not heated up. 

The main reasons for storing onions in a cool environment that is properly ventilated and well dried are heat and moisture. If onions are placed in a place where the temperature rises on a daily basis, some microorganisms will seize the opportunity of the rise in temperature in the air to secrete some enzymes that will break down the onion tissues and cells, causing them to decay or rot.

Storage materials like netted bags or mesh made of bags and open baskets can be used to store unpeeled onions. This offers the onions the opportunity to become well ventilated and exposed to more air and open space, which keeps them preserved for a long time since the temperature of such an environment is readily regulated by the continuous flow of air in and out of the storage materials, provided they are not exposed to too much sunlight, which can raise the temperature of the air surrounding them. 

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